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Frequently asked questions

What makes Crawford Academics different?

Many things! Our teachers all have real teaching experience and advanced degrees (Master’s or Ph.d.). Our owners are involved in every step of the process to be sure we are on the same page, many refer to our approach as concierge level service. We have tools (e.g. diagnostic tests) and curricula that are state of the art. Finally, we are and will be in the same convenient location where you can be assured that we will make every effort to help your students succeed.

When should my daughter start test prep?

When she is ready! Everyone is different. Things to think about are extracurriculars that fill up your child’s calendar, which math track we are on and our overall level of readiness to get the most out of tutoring. Many students start as sophomores, others wait until Spring of their junior year. You are able to manage the schedule for test prep, not so much for school classes and extracurriculars.


Be exposed to both and pick one as your primary test! We then recommend focusing prep on that primary test and planning to take that actual exam 3 times. Many also choose to take their secondary test once or twice since there is no downside in doing so. Our diagnostics and analysis can help decide the best fit test. 100% of colleges accept both tests.

How do we start the process?

Diagnostic testing is typically the best start. We then discuss results, discuss your child’s calendar and demands on her time and come up with a plan.

Can my son take practice tests at your office?

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to make full use of this part of the process. Saturday mornings are typically best. Our $99 registration fee includes unlimited practice tests and books.

My son is so disorganized, can you help?

Our study skills program is one of the true gems of what we do. Developing good habits and learning adaptable techniques can be life changing. The sweet spot for our study skill training is generally 8-10th grade … dozens of Basking Ridge area students have benefitted!

Does my daughter have a chance at an Ivy League school?

While we have worked with students who have gained admission to each of the 8 ivy league schools, acceptance rates are depressingly low. Even the best applicants can struggle to crack into those most competitive schools.

More important is what the “best fit school” for your child is. Brown and Cornell are ivies, but very different schools. Moreover there are many non-ivies that can be a better fit for your child academically and socially and carry every bit as much prestige as those ivies. Our owners and counselors will give you the trusted counsel that your daughter (or son) deserves!

Private tutoring or small group classes?

This too depends. If the class schedule suits your student’s calendar, it can be an excellent value choice. Private tutoring is more flexible, more customized and more expensive. This is part of what we discuss when reviewing your child’s diagnostic testing results.

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